D&T Wellness Center

D&T Wellness Center is an Addiction treatment center located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA

Detox & Therapy Wellness Center is a dedicated inpatient detox and residential treatment facility, offering comprehensive care for individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health conditions (dual diagnosis). We are committed to providing holistic, person-centered, evidence-based care that addresses the complexities of dual diagnosis, fostering hope and resilience in the individuals we serve.

Our staff specializes in providing a safe, effective and compassionate environment for those seeking drug, alcohol, dual diagnosis or any other type of addiction treatment. Located in Northridge, CA, we offer onsite specialists that focus on alleviating physical symptoms as well as addressing their mental and emotional needs so they can prepare themselves for a long-term recovery journey.

We accept all PPO insurance

Comprehensive treatments for individualized plans


D&T Wellness Center offers the highest quality of care for those struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. We specialize in common problems related to drug use, detoxification, therapy, aftercare and other services as needed for your recovery needs. D&T Recovery Home offers a full range of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction in a beautiful residential setting. We provide evidence-based programs that include a combination of medication, counseling, life skills training and 12-step support.

D&T Wellness Center is a trusted Los Angeles rehab center that specializes in treating clients with a wide range of addictions. Our experienced addiction specialists use evidence-based best practices to provide you with the strength and support you need. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to kick your habit for good, overcome addiction issues, and return to a life of sobriety.

At D&T Wellness Center we understand individuals need personalized care. Our credentialed and certified therapists and licensed medical staff with ensure proper care is allotted to all of our patients. At D&T Wellness, we believe in a strong ethos of compassion, respect and hope.

D&T offers a wide range of personalized care. From group sessions to individual therapy, we believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our talented team is ready at a moments notice to tend to our patients needs. Together, we can and we will.

D&T Wellness Center is a wellness-focused recovery center that provides a holistic approach to treatment through clinical care, education and activities designed to bring patients back to lives of purpose and productivity. Our intensive outpatient program is the first step on the path to recovery. D&T Wellness Center is complete with fully equipped rooms, trained staff and on-site wellness programs and services. A full-time chef and nutritionist is available for individual dietary needs; as well as fitness classes and exercise equipment.

At D&T Wellness Center, we have a welcoming, respectful, and safe environment where you will find opportunities to collaborate with our licensed therapists, counselors and case managers in order to regain a sense of purpose and independence. We encourage all of our patients to  learn new skills and create tools to help them make meaningful change in their lives. The staff at D&T Wellness Center is committed and dedicated to helping each client achieve their individualized treatment plan so they can rekindle their lost light.


Full-Renovated Rooms

D&T Wellness Center offers fully renovated semi-private rooms, each of which contain a walk-in closet and private bathroom with shower. Each room also has its own flat screen TV with streaming services.

In-house Professional Chef

D&T Wellness Center offers an in-house professional chef, supplying you nutritional meals and healthy snacks featuring your favorite foods, complementing your medication, and balancing taste and nutrition.

Spacious Outdoor Areas

D&T Wellness Center has spacious outdoor areas for your newly sober loved one to spend time without any potential triggers. We offer a safe environment for family and loved ones to visit, as well as fun outings with our staff.

Centrally Located in LA

Located in sunny Los Angeles, D&T Wellness Center provides an ideal location to start your recovery journey. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood, our home offers treatment that allows you to focus on putting the pieces of your life back together.